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Welcome to LiberalGold.

We are an international market for virtual and physical gold coins, and a cryptocurrency gold coin info page.

Buying physical gold:
You can purchase physical gold coins with cryptocurrency gold.
All gold coins can find under the "GOLD COINS" menu.

Purchasing  physical gold coins with cryptocurrency gold.
When you purchase gold with your cryptocurrency gold, the price is 1:1
More info: please read Virtual Payment Info page.  

Buying and trading gold coins with other cryptocurrencies:
Crypto gold coins can be bought and sold freely on listed exchanges
-alcurEX exchange

How can cryptocurrency gold's value be at a stable 1:1 value with physical gold coins?
When cryptocurrency gold is released on the market, on that same moment we buy physical gold coins of an equal amount.
There are always as many physical Gold Coins as there are released cryptocurrency gold coins on the market.

For example if you have bought;
1 French Genius (Angel) cryptocurrency:

You can send and use it in the same way as bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or any cryptocurrency.
This Genius gold cryptocurrency can be traded on all cryptocurrency exchanges that have it listed.

What makes the Genius cryptocurrency different from other traditional cryptocurrencies, is the fact that you can at any time purchase real physical Genius gold coins with your Genius gold coin cryptocurrency.

All our Crypto gold coins have the option of getting a physical gold coin with 1:1 price.

With one Genius cryptocurrency you can purchase one physical Genius gold coin.

Where are all the physical gold coins stored?
All physical Gold coins listed in here, are stored by financing company ALCUREX OY.
The company is located in EUROPE, FINLAND  and have legal property holder and financing company status.

Physical coins can be purchased at any time.
You can purchase physical Gold Coins in here and also in Alcurex exchange 

Gold coins for investors:
Gold coins can be ordered and stored personally, or you can choose to use our free gold account service for that instead.
Stored physical gold coins are private property gold and outside of the banks' and government's jurisdiction in Finland.

Gold coins for traders:
If you are a cryptocurrency or Forex trader, you might already see the opportunity virtual/physical Gold Coins can offer for traders. Gold, one of the most stable properties can now be traded on virtual cryptocurrency exchanges.
All regular cryptocurrencies have a highly unstable market value.  
LiberalGold offers a stable opposite trading pair for all unstable cryptocurrencies.
Gold Coins are even more stable to hold than Fiat money.

Our gold coins are the first and currently only gold that you can move and trade freely and anonymously like any cryptocurrencies, but can also purchase stable physical Gold at any time at the same value.
Cryptocurrency gold coins can be traded on any cryptocurrency exchange that has it listed. 

You are warmly welcome to make liberal gold business with us.

Tero Halinen CEO
ALCUREX OY (ltd) - Business ID: 2612007-8 FINLAND